An Accountant, A Maths Geek and a Pro Skateboarder...

The Advicely team, are all ex Advertisers but also have a variety of other backgrounds which made this happen. This helped us realize that advertising needed simplifying from a technical point of view and that small to medium business owners needed a place to easily do high quality advertising at a small cost. Advicely has also been accepted into the prestigious King's College Entrepreneurship Institute K20 Accelerator cohort 20/21.

Amar Mehta

CEO and Founder

Ex-Advertiser, Ex-Accountant, Small Business Owner, Neuroscientist.

Amar built and ran major global accounts in the ad world. He's turned around SMEs as an owner and as their accountant. 

He has a Master's degree in Neuroscience from King's College's IOPPN. He also has an undergraduate degree in Business, covering Accounting, Marketing and Commercial Law.

Dr. Antony Philips

Head of Technology

Antony is a world class data scientist with countless awards and recognition.

His background is diverse, working with both top performing startups and established market leaders. Antony is writing the AI algorithms will help power Advicely to become the most effective tool in advertising yet.

He has a PhD in Operations Research and an undergraduate degrees in Engineering and Finance, all from the University of Auckland.

Chris Mostert

Head of Data and AdTech

Chris is also a seasoned ad-man with a difference, he's also an ex accountant, ex programmer and former champion professional skateboarder!

His knowledge of platforms and how they work technically are invaluable to Advicely. Using these skills he's previously onboarded very successful tech solutions for major blue chip clients globally.

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